Surviving the January Blues

05 January, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

Well, it is that dreaded month that comes each year without fail. Yup, that month that follows all the glam, glitter and fun of December - JANUARY. lolita january birthday month wine glass time your gift

The holidays and vacations days are over, it’s cold and freezing out there and for some of us, that means a lot of snow. Basically we all have the “case of the Mondays” for 31 days…

So I have compiled a list of ten ideas I found on the world wide web to help everyone get through this month:

1. Celebrate Winter - use the month of January to celebrate all those winter favorites. Such things may include snowball fights, tobogganing, building a snowman, hot chocolate at a fancy coffee shop, skiing, sitting by a fire. Get out and do them!
2. Book a holiday - I mean who doesn’t love getting out of town, if even for a long weekend. Even if you cannot go this very month, the sheer “planning” of an anticipated vacation will give you a boost in happiness.
3. Appreciate the norm - write down all the things you are thankful for. Health, a roof over your head, family, friends even a great haircut. Look to the small details that make up your life and be thankful.
4. Make an album - compile photos from the past year and put into an album (shutterfly or mixbook are great sites). You’ll remember all the fun you have had over the past year and it’ll put a smile on your face knowing what you have to look forward to.
5. Exercise - yes you read that right. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins. No need to run out and spend money at a gym. Even just adding a 20 min. brisk walk once/week and working towards more will start changing your mood. Fresh air will make you feel refreshed and energized.
6. Pick a day and say “yes” to all things - why not! It could be fun (a little tip - don't let the kids or your partner know which day).
7. Ask the kids and your partner not “how was your day”, but change (with enthusiasm) to “what was the highlight of your day?”, then listen with genuine enthusiasm.
8. Act of kindness - buying that coffee for the person behind you in line, or even just a simple smile goes a long way to all you meet.
9. Make your bed every day - it is a simple way to feel accomplished. Bonus - it will keep you from crawling back into it.
10. Go DRY - just kidding - DRINK WINE!

For me, it is a little simpler - I have a late January birthday and so I spend a lot of the month trying to figure out what my husband and kids are planning:) 

Remember the 90/10 rule - 10% of your happiness depends on things that happen and 90% depends on how you react to those events. snow fun time your giftsnowman building time your giftsledding time your gift

Good luck and have a happy and positive 2017!

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