Top Things Our Kids and Husbands Think Mom Wants for Mother's Day

30 April, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

So I asked my kids, and I asked my sister's kids, and I asked my husband, what do you think mom wants for Mother's Day?

These were their answers: 


  1. A painted wine glass (clearly my daughter sees me spend a lot of time with these)
  2. Children to eat their food. (well yes, but I want that every day)
  3. Flowers (again, ALWAYS)
  4. Balloons (more for them?)
  5. Coffee (that's all)
  6. Leave mother alone (now we're talking …)
  7. Do what mother says (this day is going to be amazing!)
  8. Clothes (um, ok I guess?)
  9. When mommy talks, listen. (bingo) 10. Ran out of ideas … (uh oh)


  1. Hugs and Kisses. (wait, why didn't my kids say this?)
  2. Scavenger hunt with clues that end with gifts for mom and the kids. (ok, how do they know what this is, am I missing something?)
  3. Charm bracelet with mom's name. (very thoughtful)
  4. Watch movies with the family. (always fun)
  5. Surprise activity that mom knows nothing about. (this could really go either way)
  6. Shoes. (bingo)
  7. Spend day with family and coffee. (a great mix)
  8. Mommy wants dresses. (not for me but a great idea)

MY HUSBAND (and what I might actually get)

  1. Flowers. (the ONE time of year he actually makes a point of it)
  2. Candy. (uh, I don't like candy? chocolate is my thing)
  3. Kisses. (can't go wrong here)
  4. Supper made. (I think this is a pipe dream, it will likely be takeout)
  5. Presents. (I like the plural on this one!)

Overall, I'd say my odds of a great Mother's Day are pretty good. In fact, I'd say my sister's odds are pretty good as well. Update to follow ...

Happy Mother's Day in advance to all the new, experienced and somewhere in between moms out there!

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