Stemmed vs. Stemless Wine Glasses

03 April, 2016 1 comment Leave a comment

Apparently the stemmed vs. stemless wine glass debate is a real thing! Since arriving on the market, stemless wine glasses have created quite the stir. People either love them or can't understand them (and therefore don't discuss them).

The stemless supporters find these glasses easier to handle and more multi-purpose (think cocktails, juice or soda). And stemless glasses fit better in a lower height shelf and dishwasher (seriously, how do you properly fit a stemmed glass in a dishwasher anyway?) 

However, those on the opposite side, who might argue they have a certain level of respect for everything wine (think my brother George) have something different to say. By holding a wine glass by the bowl, not only are you marking up the glass with unsightly fingerprints, but you are warming up the glass with your body heat. This is ok for reds that might taste better with a little heat, but not so good for whites that taste better chilled. Oh, and that swirl that looks really impressive? Not so easy with a stemless wine glass.


Like most things in life, it comes down to a matter of preference. Or, in my case, it comes down to the fact that I just want a glass of wine and that glass is clean. I may own every kind of painted wine glass in both stemmed and stemless varieties, but on the off chance that there isn't one clean (remember, hand wash only!) I have a back up stock of plain, clean, dish-washable stemmed and stemless wine glasses. 

The end result is always the same. What's your preference?


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  1. Pam April 11, 2016

    So very true… and always a debate I have with myself when opening my wine cupboard to decided which glass and whether stemmed or not. However, I like your decision… a clean glass with wine!!! Makes the choice that much easier… guess I go with the one closest:)

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