Football Is Over - Time For Hockey

17 February, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Lady sports fans (primarily the pretend ones), this one's for you. If you're like me, getting excited for the game with your hubby or special someone is not your idea of an ideal Friday night (or Saturday, or Sunday, etc.). Even though you might be sitting on the couch, with a fire on and a glass of wine in hand, it's hard to snuggle in for fear you might take an elbow to the face at the next goal, touchdown or even a bad call.



For me, game day is the latest and greatest Montreal Canadiens hockey game (my inherited team of choice as I had no prior affiliation prior to meeting my husband). Moving to Nebraska has meant a whole new level of game day preparedness and rituals and gear. It's easy to get caught up in the Husker excitement and fill my closet and kitchen with red, but what if I'm watching another game? I need versatility in my game day 'outfits'. Without spending a fortune, this has been difficult. Until now.

Get your game on with a brand new design from Lolita for 2016.

Game. Day. Wine. Glass. (in pink!)

 Gentlemen, take note. If your girl is not inherently a die-hard sports fan, try a different tactic with this game day gift. We're taking preorders now for this fabulous glass and we want to know if you're interested. Go to our website and add the item to your cart. Use code gameday10 to save 10% on your item. We'll ship when the item is in stock. 

Game day never looked so inviting. And let's be honest, game day is probably going to be every day because watching your kids play an intense game of frozen tag in the backyard counts. Score!



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