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11 February, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

I have to admit, writing a blog is about as appealing to me as getting up early these days. I always have good intentions, but by the time it comes around I lose my motivation. However, my SEO 'guy' told me that this is an important part of investing in my online business so I'm writing this now to find some truth in his words. I kind of feel like this is a session and he is my therapist who will analyze every piece of it. Here goes my first real attempt ...

Step 1: Find an interesting topic to write about (and always include a picture).


If there is one interesting thing about me, it's that I am a triplet. I have two identical twin sisters, not identical to me, and we all live in different cities. In two countries as a matter of fact. And I'd like to devote this blog to both of them, one still living in Canada and the other in Atlanta, GA. Here is a picture to give you some perspective (I am in the middle).


This recent separation has been hard on us. It first started when my sister (the one on the right) moved from Canada to Atlanta (circa 2011?) for her husband's job. We are used to doing everything together and we've had to adjust to a new normal of traveling long distances to spend holidays or even a night together under the same roof.

 On the other hand, because our time together is limited, I do find that it is more quality time and I really look forward to all the plans that my sisters make, particularly the one on the right, who makes sure that if we can't be together for a special occasion, at least we will be part of it through phone calls, FaceTime and sometimes surprise visits. Who doesn't like to travel 14 hours through the night to surprise a sister at 7am, right Pam?

Both sisters have been very supportive of my new business and I suspect will likely remain my best customers forever. I mean, if they drink wine even half as much as I do, there will always be a need for more painted wine glasses!  

And I'm not the only one who has started a new business lately. Both my sisters have ventured into their own creative markets, but I'll save those topics for another blog. TIME to go. Happy Shopping.



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